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Banyan’s Flock Freight® Shared Truckload (STL) integration enables LIVE Connect® Transportation Management System (TMS) and Web Services Clients to rate and dispatch STL shipments.

Flock Freight is the only STL transportation provider on the LIVE Connect platform. They are a more efficient solution for Volume Less-Than-Truckload (VLTL) with quicker transit times, terminal-free, damage-free, and no Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) fees. They are a more cost-effective option for Truckload (TL) for shipments 10-44 linear feet that typically would require TL service levels. They are the ideal solution for customers who ship 2-22 standard pallets.

About Flock Freight STL

Flock Freight is a technology company that’s creating a smarter, more sustainable supply chain. Their patented technology finds and fills trucks’ empty spaces so Shippers can save money, Carriers can earn more money, and goods move terminal-free with fewer emissions.

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