Roadie Same-Day Delivery

Roadie Same-Day Delivery

Banyan’s Roadie Same-Day Delivery integration enables LIVE Connect® Transportation Management System (TMS) and Web Services Clients to rate and execute same-day delivery in more than 20,000 ZIP Codes without having to leave the platform.

Roadie taps into a driver community that’s in close proximity to stores and warehouses, enabling a fast, flexible and efficient asset-light logistics solution that works nationwide. Roadie drivers can deliver almost any item of any size — not just in urban city centers, but in the smaller cities and rural towns in between. By choosing to partner with Roadie, businesses can make more sales, create efficiencies within their own networks, and increase customer satisfaction by consistently delivering items on customers’ preferred timelines. Whether businesses need to launch home delivery in time for the holidays or they are looking to perfect inventory management, partnering with Roadie on crowdsourced delivery unlocks high-quality delivery that’s easy to scale and flex up and down based on demand.

About Roadie Same-Day Delivery

Roadie, a UPS Company, is a logistics management and crowdsourced delivery platform. Founded in 2014, Roadie works with businesses of all sizes to enable same-day and local next-day delivery in passenger vehicles across the U.S. With more than 200,000 drivers nationwide, Roadie reaches more than 20,000 zip codes – the largest local same-day delivery footprint in the nation.

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