WARP Announces Middle Mile Integration with Banyan Technology

November 2, 2023

Integration Gives Users Increased Carrier Visibility and
Streamlines Over-The-Road Shipping Operations


LOS ANGELES (November 2, 2023) – WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, is excited to announce that they are now integrated with Banyan Technology, the leading provider of freight execution software for real-time rating and execution of all over-the-road (OTR) shipments. Banyan’s WARP Middle Mile integration enables LIVE Connect® to expand OTR carrier rating and execution inside users Transportation Management Systems (TMS) across the Truckload (TL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Local Carrier and Parcel modes. In turn, this reduces the number of additional carrier logins and keystrokes needed to execute and manage shipments.

“I am excited that we have partnered with WARP to further expand our OTR shipping capabilities for clients,” said Brian Smith, CEO of Banyan. “Given the growing demand for expedited shipping and alternative delivery methods, we believe it to be a strategic advantage to be able to seek out and partner with the industry’s leading service providers to make it easier for clients to rate and execute OTR shipments through our LIVE Connect platform.”

As shippers enter the busiest time of the year, supply and demand can fluctuate greatly depending on both consumer trends and the current state of the economy. Banyan’s clients are now able to access WARP’s network that includes a new type of LTL fleet including sedans/SUVs, 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans. Ultimately, WARP’s partnership with Banyan helps provide their clients with valuable insights into what carriers will work best for them to enhance transparency and data flow through the entire supply chain.

“Banyan customers are now able to access a new type of LTL service powered by multiple vehicle types and tech-powered crossdocks” said Daniel Sokolovsky, WARP CEO and Co-Founder. “With this new integration, we’re not only reducing physical touchpoints but digital ones as well, ultimately automating the shipping process so that shippers can focus on what matters most, their customers.”

With access to WARP’s technology, Banyan shippers can now unlock additional LTL capacity, with faster delivery times, lower costs and less damages.

About WARP

WARP is a modern freight network bringing peace of mind to shippers founded by entrepreneurs Daniel Sokolovsky and Troy Lester. With its heterogeneous fleet of sedans/SUVs, 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans, WARP offers customers the right vehicle for every load based on their speed, price, and service preferences. By pairing proprietary tech with a broad network of carriers and cross-docks, WARP automatically optimizes middle-mile routes through a single integrated platform, giving shippers unparalleled visibility of their loads. Whether it’s store replenishments, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, or linehaul injection into last-mile carriers, WARP customers receive real-time tracking and status updates along with dedicated support every step of the way.

About Banyan Technology

Banyan Technology, the leading provider of over-the-road (OTR) shipping software, delivers enterprise-level, end-to-end freight execution solutions. Our patented LIVE Connect® platform serves as your primary transportation management system (TMS) or direct data connectivity that supports your existing systems. Banyan’s solution provides a comprehensive suite of AI and BI tools that help automate manual shipping processes and identify cost-saving opportunities through multi-mode rate comparison. To learn more, visit www.banyantechnology.com or connect with us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.