A Year of Tire Tracks: Spotting Supply Chain Trends with Industry Experts | Episode 19

Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast is celebrating one year of enthusiastic success! As we embark on our second year, we’re wrapping up with some of the best clips and guests offering insight into current/future supply chain trends and over-the-road (OTR) shipping.

Influential industry officials have shared the spotlight with Tire Tracks host Patrick Escolas to discuss key changes, emerging technologies and best practices for the freight and logistics industry.

A big thanks to our loyal subscribers, guests and podcast team! Here’s to many more years of driving the logistics industry!

Spotting Supply Chain Trends Episode Key Points

  • Outline of what listeners can expect from this compilation episode.
  • The future of logistics and shipping with Anne Reinke (TIA).
  • Doug Potvin’s (Trinity Logistics) perspective on where the industry will be in five years.
  • Bill Schroeder (ProShip) breaks down the Parcel carrier space.
  • Tom Burke (Freight Partners Group) explains the importance of one-stop-shopping.
  • Unpacking fraud prevention with Kary Jablonski (Trucker Tools).
  • Mark Baxa (CSCMP) discusses the multi-tentacle approach to innovation in shipping.
  • How truckload brokerage will never be the same with Dawn Salvucci-Favier (Greenscreens.ai).
  • Aaron Peck (Mothership) shares how COVID-19 impacted their business.
  • Highlights of the funny moments with past guests.
  • Final takeaways for listeners from host Patrick Escolas.

Featured Episode Quotes

“I think the industry in five years will be much more technologically advanced for us as brokers.” — Doug Potvin [0:05:23]

“The barriers to entry in truckload are significantly lower, so it is easier for bad actors to get in.” — Kary Jablonski [0:12:15]

“Even though technology seems to be on the cutting edge of logistics, logistics has not always been on the cutting edge of technology.” — Patrick Escolas [0:13:47]

“What we are seeing is a multi-tentacle approach to advancing innovation from a digital and robotic aspect of the supply chain.” — Mark Baxa [0:15:22]

“I think that you are going to see a lot of the companies that have embraced dynamic, predictive pricing are going to start outperforming those who don’t have it.” —Dawn Salvucci-Favier [0:17:25]

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