Analyzing Challenges to Set Up Your Clients for Success

October has seen a record rise in backlogs of work as businesses struggle to meet demand amid supply chain bottlenecks and labor shortages, IHS Markit said in its October 22 flash purchasing managers index (PMI) report. This widespread supply chain disruption is a leading factor in why 3PLs should expect and prepare for strong demand in at least the first half of 2022, according to the Journal of Commerce (JOC).

Understanding critical issues and takeaways from the previous budget cycle or calendar year will help you prepare and adjust your processes to accommodate those disruptions within the supply chain.

Those adjustments, often made during times of turmoil, lead to changes within your organization, that if made, could help you and your clients reduce inefficiencies, streamline processes, and control costs for the coming year. It is important to take a look back on the top challenges your clients have faced in 2021 to influence plans for 2022.

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