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The BlenderBottle Company is part of the Trove family of active lifestyle brands. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, BlenderBottle is a privately held manufacturer of premium and innovative products that help simplify everyday life — including the BlenderBottle Classic, the industry’s original portable mixer. It ships products to a network of distribution centers for “big box” retailers such as Walmart and Target.


BlenderBottle needed an easier, cost-efficient solution to manage its carrier contracts. Getting rates from multiple Carriers was cumbersome and time-consuming. The company also needed a better way to manage shipping exceptions. The manual processes they were using were becoming too cumbersome as the company grew.


The company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates with Banyan Technology’s LIVE Connect® platform, the industry’s most flexible technology solution with the most carrier connections for real-time rating and scheduling of shipments, to better enable its team to rate freight and select shipments across its Carrier base.

“Our team really enjoys Banyan’s solution because we have a lot of different direct Carrier contracts and agreements, and it would be overly cumbersome for us to jump into each of their websites to retrieve a rate,” says Clay Cooper, BlenderBottle’s Global Transportation Manager. “Banyan aggregates them for us and allows us to price shop with our Carriers in real time using our discounts.”

“It’s fun, kind of like using Travelocity,” Cooper said. “There’s satisfaction for our employees with getting a live rate cheaper than it typically would have been, and from an organizational standpoint, it’s a reliable solution as we’re able to negotiate with the Carriers we trust.”

After experiencing some growing pains, it was clear to the team at BlenderBottle that they needed a tool to help simplify some of their shipping processes. They implemented Banyan’s Exceptions Reporting tool in LIVE Connect to manage missed and late shipments.

“We’ve had a handful of shipments that were supposed to go out on a certain day and two, sometimes three weeks later, the customer reaches out looking for the shipment,” said Andrew Angerhofer, Transportation Coordinator at Trove Brands. “Now the shipment is late, and we were getting chargebacks because of that. So, we reached out to Banyan for suggestions on tools that can prevent this.”

The team at Banyan recommended the Exceptions Reporting tool to track all the shipments that were supposed to ship daily and run the exceptions report. It was a pretty easy decision and the activation and onboarding were quick and easy.

“Now these shipments are going out later in the day or at most, one day later, as opposed to two, three weeks,” said Angerhofer. “It’s pretty simple, but it’s definitely helped us.”