Building a Cost-Effective Supply Chain with Advanced Logistics Technology |
Episode 29

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount in today’s logistics sector, where businesses continually seek innovative methods to streamline operations and reduce expenses. This episode of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks® podcast delves into optimizing supply chains with logistics technology, in turn making them more responsive and less costly.

In episode 29, we explore the pivotal role of advanced logistics technologies and strategic planning with insights from Gene Welsh, Chief Transportation Officer, and Chase Smith, Head of LTL and Parcel Solutions at MODE Global. They discuss the importance of integrating cutting-edge tools like the MODE VPO platform to enhance supply chain visibility, predictability and optimization.

“Effective supply chain management hinges on the ability to adapt and optimize continuously,” said Welsh. “By leveraging advanced data analytics and real-time decision-making tools, companies can significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.”

Logistics Technology Episode Key Points

  • Guest introductions and background about their respective roles.
  • MODE’s new proprietary VPO technology and the industry gap it fills.
  • Cost-saving potential of intermodal versus OTR (Over-the-Road) transport.
  • The overall benefits of MODE’s VPO platform for companies.
  • Eye-opening trends and patterns observed from customer data.
  • Ways the company’s platform can help with carbon tracking and offsetting.
  • MODE’s data collection and analysis strategies.
  • How MODE VPO helps customers visualize and understand data.
  • How the company is democratizing processes and institutional knowledge.
  • Uncover the data “grey areas” and why partnerships are essential.
  • Reasons for the industry’s hesitation to incorporate technology into processes.
  • MODE’s innovative approach to working with customers.
  • Final industry takeaways that Gene and Chase have for listeners.

Featured Episode Quotes

“There are hard dollar savings opportunities in the intermodal markets.” — Gene Welsh [0:06:37]

“What [MODE VPO] allows us to do is aggregate data points to a level that is interpretable and actionable. It is bringing visibility to the options that exist [for modal optimization].” — Gene Welsh [0:07:50]

“[Carbon tracking and offsetting] is increasing in popularity and its application as well.” — Chase Smith [0:12:53]

“[MODE VPO] allows the beneficial cargo-owner make better and more informed decisions for their supply chain in a live environment, which is a win in this day and age.” — Gene Welsh [0:17:55]

“Transportation is a relationship business, and the VPO, in its nature, is meant to support the relationship.” — Chase Smith [0:23:40]

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