Building Final Mile Delivery Technology | Episode 10

Final mile technology CEO Aaron Peck discusses the needs of same-day delivery in episode 10 of Banyan’s Tire Tracks™ podcast.

The entrepreneurial spirit and early interest in technology are what resulted in the founding of several niche products and services for Peck, Founder and CEO of Mothership. Peck was once signed to Interscope Records, has been the architect behind an on-demand car delivery service and a big data music analytics platform, but hanging out at his parents’ shipping business from a young age is what drove him into the same-day shipping space.

“I took a product my father built to market, and I became a big shipper myself. We were shipping to big box retailers, and I coordinated all those relationships and negotiated the tariffs. I had to bring our materials to the manufacturer and negotiate the outgoing freight as well,” Peck said. “That experience left me with something very specific, a specific burn in the local trucking space. I had noticed that all the pain on everything else was kind of solved. Full truckload didn’t give me that many problems. I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t like a big burning problem like local trucking.”

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