Carbon Offsetting in the Shipping Industry | Episode 18

Carbon offsetting and reduction has become increasingly important for shifting the environmental impact of transportation. As a result, government agencies at the state and federal levels have been preparing carbon emission regulations aimed at the industry. While many of the rules go into effect in a few years, Shippers and 3PLs need to plan now to get ahead of the changes.

In episode 18 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Hayden Pirkle, Account Management Lead at Patch, a platform that helps businesses calculate their carbon footprint and connects them with verified carbon offsetting projects, explains why tracking carbon emissions is important in over-the-road (OTR) shipping and offers solutions within the supply chain.

“The carbon intensity of [OTR] freight is way different than some other types of freight. It is 100 times more carbon intensive than shipping via cargo ships, which is where the bulk of freight is delivered,” says Pirkle.

Carbon Offsetting in Shipping Episode Key Points

  • Background about Patch and Hayden’s role at the company.
  • Hear about the origins of Patch and its overall mission.
  • The current state of sustainability in the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) space.
  • Reasons for the freight industry’s high carbon footprint.
  • The impact of COVID on emissions from the freight industry.
  • Patch’s approach to reducing and removing emissions from freight.
  • Learn about carbon credits and how they can be leveraged.
  • Discover how sustainability claims can be certified.
  • Hayden shares Patch’s method of finding new projects and resources.
  • What project at Patch resonated the most with Hayden.
  • Insights into how companies can start reducing their carbon footprint.
  • The range of companies that Patch works with.
  • Final takeaways and valuable advice for listeners.

To find out more about why carbon offsetting is important in OTR shipping, click above to view Tire Tracks Episode 18.

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