Chase Plastics

Banyan Technology
Helps Shipper Provide ‘Outrageous
Service’ to 3,600 Customers

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Michigan-based plastic resin distributor, Chase Plastics, offers next-day shipping services to 3,600 different customers. The company’s goal is to do what big distributors would not: provide quality specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics for small- to medium-sized applications – and back it up with “outrageous customer service”.


Chase had a transportation management system (TMS) in place, but it could not integrate with the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), so it wasn’t an ideal solution. To obtain carrier rates and other shipping information, Chase employees had to do a lot of web-scraping consuming a significant portion of their time.

“We realized that wasn’t going to work,” said Scott Waite, Logistics Manager for Chase Plastics. “We didn’t have the old system long before we were looking for a new one.”

Chase needed a TMS that was independent, connected to a large group of Carriers, and would easily integrate with the company’s established ERP to push data between that system and web services.


Banyan Technology’s LIVE Connect® TMS met all of Chase Plastic’s needs. With 3x more carrier connections than any other provider, Banyan was able to easily integrate into Chase’s existing ERP and its API connectivity allowed critical shipping data to flow easily and efficiently.

“We converted to Banyan because the platform works and it’s a great system to use,” said Waite. “The company isn’t affiliated with any Carrier, so it remains very neutral.”

Neutrality was one of the most important factors that led Chase Plastics to consider Banyan for its new TMS.

“We are smaller and don’t utilize a 3PL,” said Waite. “We deal with Carriers ourselves, so a neutral TMS comes in handy.”