Coffee w/#The Freight Coach | Alan Minton

Coffee w/#The Freight Coach featuring Alan Minton

Episode #257


Alan Minton is the Chief Revenue Officer at Banyan Technology. Banyan delivers a fully integrated and tailored logistics management platform, resulting in the most complete and flexible client solution available in our industry. Banyan aligns with world-class, complementary logistics software solutions and services, resulting in optimal value for clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Minton joins the Coffee w/#The Freight Coach podcast to discuss leveraging shipping technology to increase output, and how it exists to compliment efficiencies without replacing the human element.

About The Freight Coach

Chris Jolly (The Freight Coach) is a broker who has found great success in his podcast for the transportation industry. He is a passionate professional with extensive experience in leadership, multi-mode direct sales, freight management, business development, and proven growth in a highly competitive segment of the transportation industry. Follow him on LinkedIn: