Freight Audit/3PL

Veteran 3PL Leverages Banyan Technology’s
Transportation Management Solution for Growth

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A freight audit and third-party logistics (3PL) company in Northeast Ohio turned to Banyan Technology to maximize revenue opportunities with existing customers. With more than 100 years in the logistics industry, this company offers a wide range of Supply Chain Consulting services, including freight audit and payment and brokerage services.


With its long-standing history in the business, this firm had established a large customer base, with their existing products and services, but needed to find a new revenue stream to grow their business in a rapidly evolving freight market. After reviewing their current offerings, the company saw an opportunity to leverage its use of the Banyan Technology LIVE Connect® transportation management solution for growth but the firm wasn’t sure where to begin.

“From our preliminary calls, it became apparent that there was a lot of opportunity for the Client to offer more of the LIVE Connect platform solutions to its existing customer base and to make them stickier with the Banyan Client,” said Banyan Technology Account Manager, Patrick Escolas. “We started looking at the firm’s buyer personas within its customer accounts and quickly realized that the company was in need of digital shipping solutions to replace outdated manual processes.”

As the logistics firm started speaking to its existing customers and prospects about its current shipping processes, one common pain point became overwhelmingly clear, customers were still using manual paper processes for freight rating and execution.

In addition to growing revenue with its existing customers, the Client identified new products and services to attract new business that would be interested in the firm’s existing freight audit and payment services.


Consulting with Escolas, the Client scheduled internal discovery and training calls with its sales and marketing leadership to better understand Banyan’s offerings and determine the best way to position the technology to both existing customers and prospects. From those initial conversations, Escolas was also able to identify solutions that best fit the company’s customer profile and developed a list of questions to be used in the discovery process.

As Banyan and the Client worked through the process together, they were able to identify several prospects and customers that would be an ideal fit for Banyan’s LIVE Connect solution and began to strategize with Escolas on the best way to approach them.

“The process was simple, [the logistics firm] would speak to their customers about their current shipping processes, which revealed the need. From there, they’d bring me in on the discovery process to identify the opportunity, which helped form recommended solutions,” Escolas said. “After that, I’d work with them on everything from scheduling a demo, pricing development, and ROI analysis to integration/setup needs, implementation, training, and support – I was an extension of the firm and sales and implementation team.”

The solutions identified and presented not only brought time- and cost-savings for the firm’s customers, but it had the added advantage of being tied to their existing carrier contracts to create a seamless solution to grow their business.