Eliminating Roadblocks for Women in Trucking | Episode 17

The Women in Trucking Association (WIT) is setting up women for success in the transportation industry!

It is estimated that women make up about 12% of the driver workforce, a slight decline from the previous year. To encourage employment and help eliminate the challenges for women entering the industry, organizations have stepped in to support diversification for successful careers in transportation.

In episode 17 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Jennifer Hedrick, Executive Director of WIT, discusses promoting opportunities and removing barriers for women in trucking.

“We’re not just focused on putting women in trucks,” said Hedrick. “We’re focused on promoting opportunities for women in the broader transportation space, particularly in trucking. We look for opportunities to promote job opportunities for women, to encourage employment, to celebrate the success of women and to eliminate barriers.”

Women in Trucking Episode Key Points

  • Introducing Jennifer Hedrick, executive director of WIT.
  • Jennifer’s journey through the non-profit sector to WIT.
  • What motivated her to join the association space and eventually WIT.
  • The mission of WIT, which extends much further than putting women in trucks.
  • Barriers women in trucking experience and how they are working to move beyond them.
  • The broad definition of who is represented by WIT.
  • Exciting growth that can be observed in the trucking space.
  • How membership is structured and who their target audience is.
  • The educational trailer that the organization takes across the country.
  • Addressing the loss of employment in the transportation industry.
  • How WIT is going about educating the masses about the broad industry.
  • The benefits of hiring more women in every sector of the transportation industry.
  • Her goal to create a roadmap to help others reach their goals.
  • Encouraging that all change begins with one initial step.

To find out more about the programs WIT has established to promote women in the transportation industry, click above to view Tire Tracks Episode 17.

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