Ferguson Freight

Emerging 3PL Utilizes Banyan Technology
to Manage Growth

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For almost two decades, family-owned broker Ferguson Freight, Inc. has steadily grown through word-of-mouth, offering 3PL services to clients who bring in less than $60 million in sales per year. The company’s business focused primarily on its 97% Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments with many of them being 10 pallets or less. Starting out with a single employee and growing to three, the trio realized that they needed a technology solution to manage and maintain its steady growth of between 10-30% each year.


As Ferguson Freight thrived, the company needed to pitch their product in a better way as they grew organically. Until recently, the company didn’t even have a website, so they realized they needed a digital solution that was easy to use and gave them the tools they needed to expand.

“We realized technology was critical to maintain customers and to grow into the coming years,” said Bill Ferguson, owner and founder of Ferguson Freight. “We were not going to grow any bigger without a technology offering, which became our central focus for growth.”

After doing some research, Ferguson decided to partner with Banyan Technology to help them streamline their freight. “We understood that current customers didn’t know what they were missing, and new customers weren’t going to come unless we had a solid offering,” said Bill Ferguson.


In seeking a transportation management solution, Bill Ferguson ultimately chose Banyan for the personal touch offered. He was impressed with the presentation of the LIVE Connect® software and how easy it was to understand and use.

LIVE Connect is a comprehensive over-the-road (OTR) shipping software that delivers real-time intel, actionable insights, and instant access to information to help drive greater operational efficiencies and cost savings for Shippers, 3PLs, and supply chain partners. The platform provides rating and shipping execution from a single screen for Truckload (TL), LTL, Local Carrier, and Parcel.

“I liked seeing Banyan’s Product Roadmap and they had a quality product to sell,” he said. “I was struggling to get people to interact and making change for small businesses is a really big deal, but building a foundation with Banyan helped us point our customers in the right direction.”