Help Customers Navigate Any Economic Environment with a Multi-Mode Digital Shipping Solution

As inflation hits industries across the country due to a weakening economy, the supply chain continues to see rising costs impact shipping as businesses shift their focus to maintaining the status quo. Rising shipping costs are exacerbating concerns for businesses trying to minimize economic impact to their bottom lines, but those heightened costs can be remedied with the right technology solution.

Even with an uncertain economy and more unforeseen changes to come in the supply chain, 3PLs should not panic. To prepare for this shift in the economy, implementing or switching to an innovative technology solution that allows them to offer rating and executing for over-the-road (OTR) shipments from a single screen is their best bet. Having shipping options that are financially and operationally efficient is key, in addition to flexibility within their business model to determine best cost and use-case scenario.

Download our latest guide to learn how shifting to a singular multi-mode digital solution helps 3PLs add the value of flexibility to their customers’ operations.