How to Successfully Market Your Logistics Company | Episode 9

Episode 9 of Banyan’s Tire Tracks™ podcast features 2023 ELEVATE Emcee and Owner of BETA Consulting Group, Trey Griggs. Griggs started his career in logistics in 2012 in sales before venturing out to the marketing side of the freight industry.

“I look back on my career, and I’ve had a lot of diverse opportunities,” said Griggs. “But one thing I noticed along the way (my first company) had great marketing in place, they had great sales training, and I thrived. When I went to other organizations that didn’t have that I struggled.”

Griggs is a big believer in aligning sales and marketing, in addition to the power of messaging in marketing.

“In my opinion, it all starts with the messaging because the messaging that you agree upon as an organization — that everybody starts speaking the same language — becomes really powerful,” he said. “And what I rely on is the power of story.”

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