How Will New Laws Affect Logistics? | Episode 24

The logistics industry faces a complex landscape of legislative and regulatory challenges. However, addressing issues like fraud, environmental regulations, and carrier safety can be opportunities for growth through a unified approach and active participation from all stakeholders in the logistics sector.

In episode 24 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks® podcast, Chris Burroughs, VP of Government Affairs at the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), shares valuable insights on logistics laws the organization is tracking that is crucial to the future of the industry.

“As the voice of the logistics industry on Capitol Hill, it’s our job to educate members of Congress on the pivotal role our members play,” said Burroughs. “We’re actively tackling rampant fraud, navigating environmental regulations, and advocating for a more data-driven carrier rating system. Engagement and collaboration within the industry are key to driving meaningful change.”

Logistics Laws Episode Key Points

  • Chris’s background, passion for politics, and path to the logistics industry.
  • How TIA is involved in government affairs and the legislation process.
  • TIA’s mandate and reforms the organization is advocating for.
  • Reasons for the exponential rise of fraud in the logistics industry.
  • Chris breaks down TIA’s approach to combating and preventing fraud.
  • The industry’s carbon impact and unrealistic environmental regulations.
  • The difference between state and federal laws.
  • TIA’s process and staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends.
  • Unpacking the confusion surrounding the carrier selection process.
  • Insights into the government’s process of passing laws and regulations.
  • How TIA ensures the collective voice of the industry is taken into account.
  • Outline of TIA’s involvement in labor disputes and labor laws.
  • Final takeaways and advice Chris has for listeners.

Featured Episode Quotes

“For the most part, transportation is bipartisan.” — Chris Burroughs [0:03:30]

“[TIA are] the voice of the logistics industry on Capitol Hill.” — Chris Burroughs [0:04:58]

“[Fraud] is a huge issue. There is not a silver bullet [to] fix everything.” — Chris Burroughs [0:10:37]

“Something [TIA] has been talking about for quite a long time, and I think it does not nearly get enough press, is the confusion of the carrier selection process.” — Chris Burroughs [0:21:02]

“Let’s make sure transportation has a voice and is heard loud [and clear] on Capitol Hill.” — Chris Burroughs [0:32:42]

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