Is Legislation Creating an Anti-Competitive Supply Chain? | Episode 27

The logistics industry, already navigating through distinct competitive and regulatory challenges, finds itself facing further constraints from an anti-competitive supply chain. Together, these challenges not only heighten operational costs but also introduce complexities in cross-border trade, underscoring the necessity for systemic change.

In episode 27 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks® podcast, Nancy O’Liddy, Executive Director of the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), explores not only the complexities behind moving freight but also touches on the pressing issue of fluctuating rates and the logistical challenges posed by legislative action.

“It’s surprising… the amount of legislation making it an anti-competitive supply chain. We have to change it,” said O’Liddy. “I really wish at some point that I could get articulate enough to do a whole thing on just how the supply chain really works because I don’t think the everyday consumer understands.”

Anti-Competitive Supply Chain Episode Key Points

  • Nancy O’Liddy’s professional background and how she got into the logistics space.
  • NITL’s mission to be the voice of the Shipper and how they support their members.
  • An overview of the diverse members represented by NITL.
  • How NITL helped pass the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) of 2022.
  • Why OSRA 2022 was such an important achievement.
  • An overview of the initiatives that Nancy and NITL are currently working on.
  • The importance of getting more options for the transportation of commodity goods.
  • Why competition is such a big issue in logistics and how legislation is hindering it.
  • A rundown of the key issues NITL has been dealing with in shipping.
  • NITL’s partnership with Bloomberg and what has come out of that.
  • Examining cutbacks, rate increases, and other news in the freight industry.
  • Why Nancy wants NITL to develop more educational programs.
  • Who NITL advocates for and how to become an elite member.

Featured Episode Quotes

“If everyone really does truly want to go green and help with the environment and everything, we need options, we need the options to be able to move it.” — Nancy O’Liddy [0:15:45]

“Competition is a big issue. – It is in ocean, and it certainly is in rail.” — Nancy O’Liddy [0:16:11]

“NIT League is very, very regulatory and legislative heavy. We don’t spend as much time on educational programs, or webinars, so to speak. But I do want that to change. – We should be having a class on rate instruction. We did do a one-on-one on rail, which was tremendous.” — Nancy O’Liddy [0:26:45]

“[At NITL] we don’t spend as much time on highway as we do on rail and ocean because there are others really doing a fine job on the highway.” — Nancy O’Liddy [0:28:39]

“If you are a Shipper and you deal daily with the rail, or ocean, or highway, NITL can be your voice. Our job is to advocate for competitive rail, ocean, and highway. – If you are not an elite member, you should join.” — Nancy O’Liddy [0:29:26]

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