Leveraging Shared Truckload for a More Efficient Shipping Strategy | Episode 30

In the logistics industry, where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, innovative solutions like Shared Truckload logistics are revolutionizing the field. This transformative approach, which optimizes both space utilization and environmental impact, is quickly becoming a vital strategy for modern freight operations.

In episode 30 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks® podcast, Chris Pickett, COO of Flock Freight, sheds light on the Shared Truckload model, explaining how it allows multiple Shippers to combine smaller loads into a single truck journey. This method not only maximizes truck space but also significantly cuts down on carbon emissions and shipping costs, making it a pivotal innovation for sustainable and cost-effective freight logistics.

“Shared Truckload represents a critical evolution in our approach to logistics,” Pickett said. “It leverages advanced algorithms and technology to dynamically assemble freight loads that optimize space utilization and reduce the environmental footprint.”

Shared Truckload Episode Key Points

  • Who Chris is, what he does at Flock Freight, and how FlockDirect® saves Shippers money.
  • The execution that makes Shared Truckload unique.
  • How Carriers benefit from streamlining their shipping operations with Flock.
  • Why FlockDirect is significantly more sustainable than traditional freight options.
  • What goes into establishing Shared Truckload as a differentiated class of freight service.
  • The commitment (and capital) needed to build optimum network density and scale.
  • Different types of Shippers and Carriers that are adding Shared Truckload to their current workflow.
  • How Flock Freight has partnered with Banyan Technology to drive the supply chain.
  • The next milestones in Flock Freight’s future and the Shared Truckload segment.
  • Ways to contact Chris and take advantage of Flock Freights services.

Featured Episode Quotes

“Half the trucks on the road are half-empty – 30% of US [road freight] capacity is wasted.” — Chris Pickett [0:02:17]

“In 2023 alone, just by shipping [FlockDirect], our Shippers avoided over 46,000 metric tons of carbon and also offset another 15,000 metric tons through the [Frequent Flocker carbon] offset program.” — Chris Pickett [0:14:20]

“[It takes time] to find the right inspired Carrier and Shipper partners that hear our story and say, [‘Here’s a new way to save money, mitigate carbon, work towards my ESG or carbon neutrality goals, and cut OTIF penalties.’]” — Chris Pickett [0:26:08]

“If you have a high-velocity supply chain, if being reactive is important, [if you want to minimize or right-size] your inventory levels – Flock can help with that.” — Chris Pickett [0:37:35]

Discover the mechanics and advantages of Shared Truckload and see why it’s essential for the future of logistics. Click above to view Tire Tracks Episode 30.

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