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Star Pipe Products
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When Patrick Kirbow joined Star Pipe Products 16 years ago, he wanted to standardize operations across the company’s 14 North American regional distribution centers. Kirbow, Vice President of Operations at the global manufacturer and supplier of a broad array of iron products, had a simple goal: run each facility the same way.


The company had previously implemented a Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) transportation management system (TMS) that required too much manual data input. Kirbow needed a better option. “As tariffs got more complicated, we had to do even more data entry. I needed a rate-shopping solution,” Kirbow said.


That need led him to Banyan Technology, a leading provider of freight management software for over-the-road (OTR) transportation, that was described to Kirbow as a “high-speed, low-drag organization.”

Banyan’s development team went to work creating a flexible API solution that connects Star Pipe’s TMS to its warehouse management system (WMS), programmatically tendering freight to the best value Carrier with the fastest transit time.

“We’re mimicking McDonalds”, Kirbow said. “A Big Mac is a Big Mac wherever you go. Our distribution centers are the same from location to location, too.”