Moving Past Supply Chain Disruptions | Episode 22

In the dynamic world of over-the-road (OTR) shipping, staying ahead means understanding the cyclical nature that drives the transportation industry. These cycles, often hidden beneath the surface of day-to-day operations, are the heartbeat of the supply chain, influencing everything from costs, capacity, and the overall industry landscape.

In episode 22 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Connie Morgan, Executive Director of Pricing and Compliance at Ascent Global Logistics, navigates the cyclical nature of the transportation industry and how the supply chain is getting back on track after severe disruptions.

“The transportation industry is a cycle. You’re going to have cycles where it’s going to be on the high side for costs, and it’s going to be on the low side for capacity,” she said. “Historically, this is not something that is uncommon to see. It’s just that that pendulum because of COVID swung so heavily in one direction because there were components that were not normal that we had to take into account. However, the ship does appear to be righting itself, it’s just taking a slower timeframe to get there.”

Supply Chain Disruptions Episode Key Points

  • Introduction and background about Connie Morgan.
  • Ascent Global Logistics and its role in transportation and logistics.
  • How Connie’s professional experience led her to Ascent Global Logistics.
  • The holistic viewpoint of transport and logistics her role provides.
  • Benefits for forming professional relationships her experience affords.
  • Why relationship building is a vital aspect of the logistics industry.
  • What Connie hopes to gain from attending the Banyan Technology Connect 2023 Users Conference.
  • Discover what sets Ascent Global Logistics apart from other companies.
  • Connie shares what she thinks the future of the industry looks like.
  • Final takeaways Connie has for listeners.

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