Preventing Fraud with Freight Tracking and Visibility | Episode 14

Unlike Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) or other over-the-road (OTR) transportation modes, dealing with numerous new Carriers on a daily basis and incorporating them into your network every week can create a higher risk of fraud in your Truckload (TL) shipping operations. This is where keeping an eye on the location and progress of shipments becomes crucial; utilizing real-time freight tracking on their location and condition helps to paint a complete picture and put the brakes on fraud.

In episode 14 of Banyan’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Patrick Escolas sits down with Trucker Tools CEO Kary Jablonski to learn more about the innovative ways this company is harnessing technology to combat everything fraud in the world of freight. Based on a spirit of transparency and trust, Kary explains how the company is revolutionizing freight tracking and visibility to tackle fraud head-on, through a suite of mobile and web-based applications designed to enhance efficiency, communication, and visibility within trucking and logistics. From Transportation Management System (TMS) tracking to digital freight matching, Kary unpacks the various use cases of the Trucker Tools app that empower drivers, Shippers, and Carriers alike.

Hear about the vulnerabilities of road and freight transport to fraud, the possibility of AI in the industry, and the benefits of going digital. Kary also provides a sneak peek of upcoming additions to the Trucker Tools product line, such as their new ELD tracking system, and shares her experience as a woman navigating a male-dominated industry.

Freight Tracking and Visibility Episode Key Points

  • Background about Kary and her professional career journey to Trucker Tools.
  • Her motivation for pursuing a career in transportation and logistics.
  • How her professional experience informs her current work.
  • What makes the transportation industry unique from Kary’s perspective.
  • Overview of how Trucker Tools is combating fraud.
  • Hear about the different use cases of the Trucker Tools app.
  • Why Truckload is more susceptible to fraud, unlike over-the-road (OTR) and LTL modes.
  • Exciting new additions coming soon to the Trucker Tools product line.
  • Her opinion on the possibilities of AI in the trucking industry.
  • Factors holding back digital transformation in the transportation Industry.
  • Navigating a mainly male-dominated industry as a woman.
  • Final takeaways and advice Kary has for women in the industry.

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