Shipping Freight to Mexico: Best Practices | Episode 21

In recent years, Shippers and 3PLs have been exploring nearshoring opportunities to optimize their supply chains and take advantage of cost-effective solutions. For companies considering Mexico as a nearshoring destination, understanding the intricacies of shipping freight to Mexico is crucial.

In episode 21 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Dan Contreras, President and CEO of ARC Freight Services, discusses best practices for intra-Mexico and cross-border shipping, including regulations, documentation, carrier connections, and currency conversion.

“It’s unlike Canada where we all speak English. In Mexico, you’re talking about a difference in language,” said Contreras. “We’re talking about a different metric system, complications at the border, because customs in Mexico is very, very different from Canadian and U.S. Customs. It’s a hardship when you don’t have the right tools.”

Shipping Freight to Mexico Episode Key Points

  • Introducing the CEO of ARC Freight Services, Dan Contreras.
  • Dan’s professional background and a peek into his family dynamic.
  • How he got involved with ARC and details about his role at the company.
  • The value of building great relationships in logistics.
  • Why ARC was formed, the role of technology at the company, and the services they offer.
  • Passing through the Mexico border and other challenges that Dan and his team encounter.
  • The problem of fraud in logistics.
  • More details about doing business in Mexico, and why the challenges are worth the rewards.
  • Underlining the unique value of ARC’s service offerings.
  • What Dan and his team learned from Banyan’s Connect 2023 Users Conference.
  • Dan’s final words for listeners.

To find out more best practices for intra-Mexico and cross-border shipping, click above to view Tire Tracks Episode 21.

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