Transform Your Shipping Operations with Expanded First/Final Mile Solutions

Supply chain challenges have altered the way shipments are handled, forcing Shippers and third-party logistics (3PLs) providers to re-evaluate their shipping operations in response to capacity constraints and the blending of lines of service between LTL, Truckload, and delivery of Parcel, which has impacted the need for expedited shipping and increased visibility.

Over 50% of local shipments for First/Final Mile and express delivery are B2B, and some experts believe it’s as much as 80% of the total $200+ billion global market. According to FreightWaves, that First/Final Mile market is expected to grow about 12% in the next several years, well into 2025, accelerating the need even further for local, express, and expedited delivery for First/Final Mile B2B shipping. Some industry experts would argue that the need for a comprehensive First/Final Mile technology solution has been heightened equally, if not more, in the B2B world and will continue to escalate and elevate its significance in the supply chain.

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