Transforming Your Shipping with AI and Software Integrations | Episode 31

In the logistics industry, where efficiency and automation are crucial, advanced software integrations are transforming traditional practices. This innovative approach enhances everything from rate calculations to significantly improving overall operations through reliability and scalability.

In episode 31 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks® podcast, Mark Hamblin from Insight Works and Bill Gaustad from SPS Commerce delve into how advanced technologies like AI and seamless software integrations within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central are streamlining shipping processes and reducing manual labor.

“Automation and integration in logistics are no longer optional; they’re essential,” Hamblin said. “By leveraging AI and advanced technology, we can handle everything from shipping rates to pallet building more efficiently.”

AI and seamless integrations can enhance your shipping efficiency and reduce manual labor. Discover the future of logistics and how sophisticated technology can make your logistics operations faster, more reliable and scalable.

Software Integrations Episode Key Points

  • Introducing our guests and background about Insight Works.
  • Mark’s professional experience in tech and how it applies to logistics.
  • SPS Commerce, Bill’s role at the company, and how he got into the industry.
  • How ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be applied to almost any operation.
  • The rising trend of software integrations for logistics.
  • The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) focused aspect of SPS Commerce.
  • How retailers are influencing the adoption of automation.
  • Reasons why the reliance on data exchange is never going to change.
  • The differences between ERPs and WMSs (Warehouse Management Systems).
  • The value of VARs (Value-Added Resellers) to the supply chain.
  • The guests’ approach to networking and forming valuable partnerships.
  • Exciting developments Insight Works and SPS Commerce are working on.
  • Valuable takeaways and final words of advice from our guests.

Featured Episode Quotes

“I think the expectation of being able to do everything electronically now is much more prevalent and is driving a lot of the [discussion].” — Mark Hamblin [0:10:34]

“[SPS Commerce] is not driving the need for [automation] we are just solving the need for it.” — Bill Gaustad [0:13:59]

“Even though the underlying transmission, mechanisms, and standards might change, we are still going to send data back and forth. That is never going away.” — Mark Hamblin [0:15:30]

“Ideally, [a VAR’s] role is to understand the customer’s business and how the software is going to help them with that business.” — Mark Hamblin [0:21:52]

“That is where [SPS Commerce] is fairly unique in a sense [because] we have that network expertise. That is what our business was built on.” — Bill Gaustad [0:27:58]

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