Transparency: The Key to Effective Shipper and Carrier Partnerships

It’s well known that trucks carry more than three-fourths of the more than 10.5 billion tons of freight hauled annually across North America. Lesser known is that roughly one-third of the largest shippers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico routinely outsource their freight management activity.

Those relationships, while advantageous to shippers and valuable to freight services providers, come with some unique challenges. Chief among them is the need for carriers to provide a higher level of transparency by sharing information that is actionable and valuable to their shipper customers.

Effective relationships are the key to any business, and for shippers and carriers, they can even be the difference between failure and success. While shippers can readily recognize service and performance differences with carriers that operate solely based on low cost, they often struggle to note the different strengths between top-quality trucking companies. By enabling improved transparency, however, premium transportation services providers can gain a competitive advantage that grows their businesses and boosts profitability.