Trinity Logistics

Trinity Uses Visibility and Business
Intelligence to Drive Results in an
Evolving Shipping Environment

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Trinity Logistics, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider headquartered in Delaware, was experiencing shipping challenges caused by supply chain disruptions. Offering freight solutions for businesses of all sizes in Truckload (TL), Less-than- Truckload (LTL), warehousing, intermodal, drayage, expedited and international, Trinity utilizes a dynamic mix of human ingenuity, innovative technology, and business intelligence to meet industry challenges head-on.

As a result of recent disruptions, Shippers and 3PLs faced a host of issues, including new restrictions, equipment and driver shortages, rate increases, and carrier capacity constraints. The industry was seeing general rate increases across the board from all Carriers, ranging between 4% and 6%. As the supply chain recovered, logistics companies needed to adapt and build better relationships to thrive.


“Obviously, the pandemic affected all of us,” said Stacey Howell, Vice President of LTL for Trinity Logistics. “The long-lasting effects it caused have really put a damper on the flow of our industry, slowing down the whole supply chain.”


For Trinity Logistics, its partnership with Banyan Technology made managing these challenges easier.

“Now more than ever, through Banyan’s API connections and visibility, it has been the key to our success to put our customers’ shipments in the lanes that best fit our Carrier network allowing Trinity to still maintain costs as the Carriers’ needs change,” Howell said.

Using Banyan’s flexible freight technology platform, LIVE Connect®, Trinity and its customers were able to fully automate their freight management process, from ordering through invoicing and reporting. They also gained real-time access to quotes for all their preferred Carriers, the ability to book shipments in the right lanes, and to track the shipment throughout the supply chain. Additionally, the validation of freight invoices was streamlined and automated through Banyan’s Freight Bill Management tool.

“Through Banyan’s technology, we now offer real-time information and data that helps automate our customers freight management process,” Howell said. “And having full visibility of customers’ freight and Carrier performance allows us to make good business decisions on our customers behalf.”

In addition to providing Trinity with direct access to carrier pricing and eliminating the need to manually enter cCarrier pricing contracts, LIVE Connect has created operational efficiencies for the 3PL and its customers through the shipment and Carrier data that it tracks using LIVE Connect.

“Banyan’s Business Intelligence Suite gives us and our customers access to dashboards full of quality (carrier) performance and operational data,” Howell said.
The availability of critical shipping data and a robust reporting engine has enabled Trinity to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and negotiate with carriers more effectively.