Truck Parking Club and LOST FR8: Alternative Strategies for Logistics Challenges | Episode 32

In the logistics industry, where adaptability and efficiency are essential, innovative solutions are transforming how we manage freight day-to-day. This forward-thinking approach is crucial for improving operations and addressing challenges faced by logistics professionals.

In episode 32 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks® podcast, Reed Loustalot, co-founder of LOST FR8 and CMO of Truck Parking Club, and Evan Shelley, co-founder of Truck Parking Club, share their unique perspectives on the current state of the logistics industry and how their respective platforms are making a difference through alternative communication strategies and finding new ways to increase shipping efficiency.

LOST FR8 utilizes innovative communication and technology to tackle logistics challenges and help logistics professionals easily adapt to changing demands with flexible, innovative platforms. Truck Parking Club, with more than 385 locations, offers a seamless platform for finding and reserving truck parking, saving drivers time while reducing delays and improving reliability for Shippers and 3PLs.

“Creating simple solutions for complex problems is what drives us,” Shelley said. “Truck Parking Club provides much-needed truck parking spaces across the U.S., helping drivers find safe and convenient spots quickly.”

Logistics Challenges Episode Key Points

  • Background about Reed and Evan and how they got into the industry.
  • How Truck Parking Club provides parking spot solutions for truckers.
  • The different types of parking and how Truck Parking Club meets the demand.
  • Reed’s Lost Freight Gong, why he made it and how it led to sponsorship.
  • Insight into Reed’s new role as CMO of Truck Parking Club.
  • Their approach to finding leads and appropriate real estate.
  • Requirements needed to become a Truck Parking Club property member.
  • An overview of Truck Parking Club’s team and market coverage.
  • Whether Reed will continue with his role at LOST FR8.
  • What is different about marketing within the shipping and logistics industry.
  • Evan and Reed share what the company’s current focus is.
  • Their perspectives on various shipping and logistics industry trends.
  • Final takeaways and recommendations our guests have for listeners.

Featured Episode Quotes

“[Truck Parking Club] helps drivers, carriers, mega-carriers find parking whether it is for an hour or a month.” — Evan Shelley [0:07:49]

“There are so many companies that have extra yard space – and they probably have never considered [using] it.” — Reed Loustalot [0:24:57]

“There are still some markets [Truck Parking Club] wants to be even deeper into, but at this point, we have a lot of [great options] for drivers.”
— Evan Shelley  [0:28:20]

“Even the most disciplined person in the world on their own is not going to be as driven to do things as they would be if they were part of an organization.” — Reed Loustalot [0:32:28]

“There is a lot of cynicism about marketing in general in the [shipping and logistics space], and it is deserved because there is so much crap out there.” — Reed Loustalot [0:35:56]

 “Our [Truck Parking Club] culture [is to] out-work everybody, whatever it takes.” — Evan Shelley [045:37]

Discover how LOST FR8 and Truck Parking Club are innovating shipping solutions, supporting the community of drivers and helping to tackle logistics challenges. Click above to view Tire Tracks Episode 32.

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